Press Release

‘Circle 1.0 dress’ by Mette Julie Bundgaard-Nielsen


A new, size-flexible garment system


The slow fashion concept, ‘circle concept’, is about decreasing the Western world’s oversupply and overconsumption of garments.

The objective is to introduce new ways of applied sustainability, through experiments of concepts, methods, and processes in creative practices, resulting in a garment concept that will infuse the fashion system with creative longevity.


By methodically investigating the pattern system of the basic block as well as the size- and grading system, Mette Julie is exploring shape-forming cut lines made out of the basic blocks. In order to determine the essential parameters necessary for creating a good universal fit, the lines are aligned with anthropometrical data, body types and grading lines.


The mission is to create a new system of flexible, well-fitted basic blocks reminiscing the phrase; "minimal construction for maximum effect". Aesthetically, it will require extensive exploration and experimentation in materials, function, and their relationship in order to manifest the technical, technological and handcrafted character of the concept.


The ‘Circle 1.0 Dress’ is the starting point of this investigation and will be further developed into this new system.