design to reduce poster

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The poster is printed in color on Seawhite of Brighton newsprint paper, handmade in the UK.
The size of the poster is A3 measuring 297 x 420 mm and comes without a frame.

Printed in Denmark – Ready to ship within the same week of purchase

Design to reduce poster design is inspired by the thoughts and process behind the creation of the Circle concept and Circle 1.0 dress and aims to openly communicate and discuss the viewpoints and blueprint of the design project. This artwork is a collage of project description, background reasoning, illustrations and process pictures.

The inspiration and relevance comes from the ambition to create a new, size-flexible garment system, that will infuse the fashion system with applied sustainability and creative longevity. Circle 1.0 dress marks the starting point of this creative research and is visualized through the style of the dress, reminiscing a well-fitted basic dress block and the hand-drawn lines upon it, that indicates grading lines, anthropometric data and sizing systems.

View Circle 1.0 dress here.
View press release here.

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